Where can I find some artistic laxatives?

I need to be spewing out creative ideas right now and nothings happening

Do acid (Jk no that puts holes in your brain)

Meditate or read the news, watch a documentary about something you’re passionate about or that you have a connection to. Talk to a hippie about their life. Drink pumpkin spice lattes. Do gay things with your friends. Listen to new music! :) you can do it babe!!

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i have my driving test in 10 days prepare for many visits

Pick me up so we could go to clubs and underground punk shows together k I’m ready

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Anonymous: You're so gorgeous.

oh you :)




-boys that are against feminism
-boys that call girls sluts and whores
-boys that think a vagina gets loose after having a lot of sex
-white boys that use the n word

-boys that fall asleep after sex without making sure their partner is satisfied
-boys that insult others to compliment you
-boys that insult anyone
-boys that are rude to their parents

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best porn blog ever

you have my attention
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my all time favorite tumblr post
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Submitted by token-em0.

Earl Grey by Basement
done by Alex Zampirri @ Heart And Soul Tattoo in East Greenville PA